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Nuts and Bolts of Cholesterol Lowering

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Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

Discover your risk for heart disease or stroke now!

Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

Fact: Nearly half of those who die from heart attacks each year never showed prior symptoms of heart disease.

Right now, millions of people over age 40 are suffering from heart disease and do not even know it.

Don’t be caught off guard. Know your risk now.

We’ve created a simple, easy-to-complete, online test that will help you understand your heart attack risk factors. When you take the Simple Heart Test — it takes just 1 minutes to complete.

Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

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Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

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Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

DESCRIPTION: One sees the manipulation of study design and skewing of results in studies on beverages too, from pomegranate juice to milk and soda. For more on nuts see videos like What Women Should Eat to Live longer ( ), Fighting Inflammation in a Nut Shell ( ), Plant Protein Preferable ( ), and Diverticulosis & Nuts ( ). There are still 50 others if you want more ( ) and hundreds of other videos on more than a thousand topics ( ). In Monday's video-of-the-day I'll cover part of the mechanism of how nuts do what they do.

Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

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Nuts And Bolts Of Cholesterol Lowering

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Danny Bates

August 10, 2012 at 11:31 am

Eating almonds is better for you than eating pork?… A total idiot should
know that… LOL That’s a hilarious comparison… These companies are as
crazy as our politicians. 



August 10, 2012 at 5:36 pm

You’re the best Mr Greger. Keep them coming! Thank you.



August 10, 2012 at 6:55 pm

Kangaroo scientist Dr.Greger, continues “utilizing” references to jump to a
vegetarian hypothesis conclusion. If you’ve been watching Dr.Kangaroo for a
while that should be obvious by now. I started watching for objective
information but it’s about as tainted as it gets.


Nouh Alaoui Mhamdi

August 11, 2012 at 3:48 pm

so, you think that these studies were meant to show something else, but Dr
Greger distorted the truth??? If you are unsure or doubting a vegan diet,
why not read the studies and judge for yourself?



July 15, 2013 at 2:26 pm

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demonstrate that they really help people lose weight. Well I discovered a
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Brain Rush

May 13, 2014 at 4:34 pm

Great information.
Great insight.
Great humor.

I love you, man.


The Write Hand Of God

April 19, 2015 at 5:27 am

“Medicine came into the world with a twin brother called charlatanism”
That’s a direct quote from Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern day

Based upon their lectures concerning cholesterol, these three doctors are
guilty of medical malpractice: Dr. Greger, Dr. McDougal, and Dr.

And for what reason do those doctors indulge in this medical malpractice?
Money from big pharma.

The following information is free and the real truth concerning
cardiovascular health:
Placing the blame for cardiovascular disease upon cholesterol is insane.
Would you blame the bandages used in emergency clinics for the wounds on
accident victims?

Cardiovascular disease is triggered by a 3 step process:
First, you must have too many free radicals flowing through your veins and
secondly, you must have sores produced from those free radicals;
lastly, you must have no repair of the sores.

Sores produce inflammation:
As the result, the liver sends out large amounts of small particulate LDL
to transport cholesterol to the site of the sores (cholesterol is used as
bandages upon wounds in the cardiovascular system).

Fructose will block Vitamin C from making repairs in your cardiovascular
As the result, the liver sends out more small particulate LDL to increase
the cholesterol bandages. Furthermore, whenever fructose is consumed,
Vitamin C is inhibited from maintaining collagen; that includes the
collagen in artery walls.

Free radicals are produced from toxins in some types of foods, e. g. ,
triticeae grain and potatoes. Consumption of those simple carbohydrates
(or sugar, and especially fruit) will glycate LDL and oxidize cholesterol
turning it into a concrete like sludge at the site of the sores. As long
as the sores continue producing inflammation, then the liver will produce
large amounts of small particulate LDL to increase the cholesterol
bandages. Eventually, the bandages become so large they break free and
lodge in the arteries of the heart, or the lungs, or the brain; thus,
producing a blockage of blood flow. Result?

Ask Tim Russert.
That is, if you can get him out of his grave.

The Big Pharma Scandal:
Statin drugs suppress the major player in preventing the production of
cholesterol; and that is, glutathione.
Whenever glutathione drops to low levels, then more sores are produced by
free radicals slamming into the bends in your arteries; thus, the lower
your cholesterol — the greater your risk of cardiovascular disease In
other words, statin drugs are not only a total failure, they actually
increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Now, if triticeae grain is unhealthy, how did it acquire this evil aspect?

Survival of the fittest.
That is, as a means of self defense, many plants evolved toxins to prevent
animals (or insects) from eating their leaves and/or their seeds; thus, the
poison in the Hemlock that was used to kill Socrates.

Triticeae grain evolved a very unique substance to stop animals from eating
it: Gluten.
Contained within that substance is the protein known as gliadin; upon
encountering acid in your stomach, it releases peptides known as exorphins,
which have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and bind to opiate
receptors in your brain to stimulate your appetite. Why?

To kill you. Kill Me? How?
Before man discovered a method to make fire, he ate everything raw;
however, if you eat a handful of grain with gluten in it, exorphins will
stimulate your appetite to make you desire more of it. So, you’ll eat
another handful, which will make you more hungry! As the result, you’ll
eat it until you’re stuffed! Fantastic! Right? ? Wrong.

While absorbing the fluid in your stomach that grain will swell up to more
than five times its original size; thus, producing a horrible, painful
death as it ruptures your guts. Every animal avoided the consumption of
that grain until man discovered how to make fire. Nevertheless, even in
this day and age there are children that are not aware of this evil aspect
of triticeae grain in its raw form. In poor countries, where there are no
doctors available to cut the stomach open to get that grain out, the
children die a horrible, very painful death as their parents hold them in
their arms and cry in anguish over their child’s ignorant mistake.

Poison Is The Staff Of Life
Dirty little secret the grain industry doesn’t want you to know: Whenever
grain is stored in a silo, then it accumulates one of the deadliest
substances known to mankind: Aflatoxin. Upon the consumption of triticeae
grain (wheat, barley, and rye), stomach acid will cause gluten to yield a
pernicious protein known as zonulin that increases permeability between the
cells lining your intestines; thus, allowing aflatoxin to enter the blood
supply through the walls of your digestive system; once it has entered the
blood supply, then it will produce large amounts of free radicals that
damage cells and produce inflammation of your stomach, your brain, and
especially ? your cardiovascular system; furthermore, the enzyme
transglutaminase modifies the gliadin protein, as the result, the immune
system cross-reacts with the bowel tissue, causing an inflammatory
reaction of the lower digestive system; and due to the binding of exorphins
to opiate receptors, people afflicted with a mental illness (e.g.,
schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and ADHD) suffer worse symptoms whenever
they eat triticeae grain. Also noteworthy: antibodies to gliadin are
capable of binding to nervous system tissue and may contribute to
immune-mediate neurological impairment (e.g., cerebellar ataxia and gluten
encephalopathy). In Summary:
While our consumption of grain products has gone up ten percent every
decade for the past fifty years, in lock-step we have had a ten percent
increase per decade of Alzheimer’s disease, a ten percent increase in the
weight of our children, a ten percent increase in type II diabetes, and a
ten percent increase in cardiovascular disease.

All of that said, is there a warning for eating rice? Yes, if it’s been
grown in North America, then it contains dangerous amounts of arsenic.
Furthermore, once you have cooked any rice, you should eat it within 24
hours; else, it may become contaminated with bacillus cereus (a naturally
occurring bacteria in the ground that can produce symptoms of nausea,
vomiting, and diarrhea).

Recommendation: For starch in your diet eat any of the vegetables known as
complex carbohydrates.


    Tom Goff

    June 18, 2015 at 4:27 am

    +The Write Hand Of God You have posted this same nonsense on other videos
    by Greger. Why don’t you try to find out the facts before parading your
    ignorance of what the science shows?


Asaduzzaman habib

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